Hey baby, I've got a big blog

posted 16 November 2003

Are weblogs not journalism at all, but a bizarre one-sided sort of new social interaction? "Look, here I am, here's as much as you could ever want to know about me. Do you like me? Get in touch. Preferably have your own blog ready so I can work out the same things about you."

Which would mean my blog has entirely the wrong sorts of things in it.

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Exercise for the reader

posted 16 November 2003

A collection of little thoughts I noted down and was going to blog about, but haven't had time. I'm afraid you're going to have to think these ones through for yourselves...

  • Making technology is one thing, making people use it is much harder. User Interface is not just a problem facing software and hardware designers, it is the only problem. There's very little technology that we can't do; there's lots that we're not any good at. Favourite example: TV remotes. Nobody can ever find the right buttons to press, there are loads of things TVs can't do that we wish they could
  • My friends are WAY smarter than I give them credit for being.
  • Why do people say "you're comparing apples and oranges" to mean you can't compare two things? They're both *fruit*, of course you can compare them. And I prefer apples. Apples and microchips, sure.
  • Song to get you out of a bad mood: "hey whatever" by Westlife. Cheesy, but cheerful. Similarly "I won't worry" by Jason Mraz. Happy. Mindless. Yay!
  • I'm half-italian and half drag-queen! I'm allowed to get a little worked up! -- Michael, QAF USA. Season 3 is mixed, but Ethan is very cute.
  • Alternative pick-up lines: "Quick, you must have sex with me! Or the universe will end! Do you want that on your conscience?"
  • moog, white stripes, postal service, death cab for cutie -- must remember to download...
  • Angel 5x05, "Life of the Party" features a camp green disco demon. Must see...
  • Wal-Mart is evil!
  • Yes, it's the true meaning of a Pirate DVD.
  • Surfing for Suicide: Jesus Christ! When will people stop blaming the Internet for increasing communication? Yes, you get bad information, dangerous information, as well! That happens on the telephone and in newspapers and by word of mouth, why is no one complaining about them? The Internet merely facilitates communication, which is by far the greater good! Shut the fuck up about people being led astray by the Evil Dangerous Internet!
  • Maybe I should join TopCoder and compete as a way of improving my coding speed?
  • Raymond loves the whole idea of ladder theory.
  • Liquid drano for arteries sounds like a terrible way of letting Americans continue their current dietary habits. Also, isn't that a trademark?
  • Luciferous logolepsy is a collection of obscure English words that I stumbled across while trying to come up with a unique name for a software product
  • The worst reviews are the most fun to read
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Zion is over!

posted 16 November 2003

More random post-Revolutions thoughts: Zion is over! ZION is over. Not the war. ZION is over. Then he changed the line, and said the war instead, and then people started cheering. Foreshadowing, no?

What the fuck happened to the sentinel who jumped through neo? Also, sentinels are the names of the angels who guard the gates of heaven.

How can smith control flesh? Where did he find those subroutines? There must be another Matrix.

Likewise, how can Neo control Smith unless both are software?

What is the golden matrix supposed to be? Binary?

The golden matrix looks a lot like how I visualize the code I'm writing. Are all coders visual, or is it peculiar to me?

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Consider me black

posted 16 November 2003

Several times in the past few days, people I've been talking to have said things or expressed opinions that I would consider racist. When I pointed out that I thought their comments unfair, they tried to justify themselves, always beginning "it's not racist, it's just an observation" or whatever. So what's the definition of racist? Here's mine: say, for the purposes of example, that we're discussing something to do with black people. If a black person was in the room, would you say what you were about to say? Or would you rephrase it a little? If so, then your comment was probably racist, or amiguous enough to be offensive anyway. And just because I'm not black, or Jewish, or Pakistani, or Indian doesn't mean it doesn't offend me when you make unfair generalisations about those groups. And don't expect me not to "make an issue of it" just because there's nobody nearby who you think should be offended by it: by staying silent, I would be implicitly accepting your world-view, with which I disagree strongly, and I have no wish to bolster your ghastly assumptions.

Being a member of an "invisible" minority, I know what it feels like to be the butt of one of those jokes that people make when they think it's okay, because there's nobody around who will be offended. And yes, offensive is relative, and there are very seldom any amish in the room. But there is a difference between risqué jokes and bigoted statements that aren't intended to be amusing: anybody can make a joke, but you shouldn't make statements unless you're prepared to stand by those statements in front of a large crowd of the group you are denigrating. Preferably, while said crowd is holding many sharp implements. Just to, you know, focus your mind.

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Friday Five

posted 16 November 2003

So it's not Friday anymore. It was when I wrote this!

  1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.
    My room is huge. I like my room a lot.

  2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.
    Talented, annoying.
    You can have enormous respect for them and still get pissed off by them.

  3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.
    Creative, technical, amazing.
    Web development is my life. It seems sad from the outside, but I don't need your justification. Writing code one of the most fascinating and rewarding intellectual persuits that exist.

  4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.
    Also known as: waking up, work before lunch, work after lunch, the rest of the time.

  5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.
    Loved, happy, interested, accomplished, famous.
    In roughly the order of priority. For why I want to be famous, see number 10 on this list, executed by none other than the worship-worthy Sir Ian McKellan.
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Backlog ahoy

posted 16 November 2003

I have been storing up entries in advance of a major update at the back-end. That's been pushed back by a week due to other stuff I've been doing, so here are all this week's blog entries, all at once. Sorry!

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