Suri Cruise

posted 06 September 2006

The baby photo seen around the world:

Suri Cruise

This is an amazing photo. You can see why they picked it for the cover. In a single image it captures the entire story: Cruise, the proud father, crows over his latest acquisition while wrapping it protectively to his chest. The baby is almost obscured by the leather jacket Tom is wearing as a symbol of his masculinity, thus unintentionally emphasizing the baby's own status as a the same kind of symbol. Mother Katie, on the other hand, though obviously loving, has already been obviously literally and emotionally sidelined -- she has to crane her neck just to fit into the frame and Tom pays her no attention at all. This photo, and this marriage, are all about Tom, Tom, Tom, and that's exactly the way he wants it to be.

This photo is an absolute masterpiece.