Biographies of every US president as audiobooks

posted 27 September 2019, updated 18 hours ago

I enjoy reading history, especially in the form of historical biographies. Over the years I've picked up books about several of the founding fathers of the USA, plus major historical figures like FDR, and eventually I realized that I'd covered a big chunk of all the presidents of the USA. So then I went back and decided to fill in all the gaps. I'm currently on president number 41, and I'll be stopping there at the entirely arbitrary line of "latest dead president".

As I've been reading I started tweeting about fun facts about the presidents as I encountered them. Slowly that evolved into longer and longer threads about each president, and some of those threads were quite popular.

So here for ease of consumption is the full list of presidents I've read, which biography I read, a single sentence on what I thought about that biography and if I recommend it, as well as (where available) a link to the tweet or thread about that president.

If this list format doesn't grab you, it's also available as a spreadsheet. I'll update the sheet and this post as I finish the remaining bios.