Seldo.Weblog: April 2004

A softer world

They sold their souls. But it's funny!

Meanwhile, What's wrong with the BBC website? was originally a complaint about the BBC site. But since the site is a wiki, it's now littered with comments from anonymous Beeb employees defending their work. And I do mean "littered": they just seem to stick their comments in sequentially, usually without any kind of differentiation, so the effect is of an extended monologue from a raving schizophrenic:

Although some pages are kind enough to include a straightforward clickable link for RealAudio files, most only offer Stupid Embedded Players [tm], making it impossible to launch an external RealPlayer, or to bookmark. Stop restricting people's choices, you bozos! Most should give you the option of an unembedded player, but for the Radio Player, it's cos the muppets in charge wouldn't stand up to the record companies at all - that's why Radio Player can be pretty sucky at times [this is not strictly true]

Mr. Personality

Some personality tests for you, via Republic of T (he's so cool).

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.
Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I get a different result every time I take a Myers-Briggs, because I'm really close to the axis for Extrovert-Introvert and Perceiving-Judging:

Extroverted (E) 51.43% Introverted (I) 48.57%
Intuitive (N) 65.71% Sensing (S) 34.29%
Thinking (T) 73.08% Feeling (F) 26.92%
Perceiving (P) 52.38% Judging (J) 47.62%

I have also been INTJ and ENTP. This test had a lot of data points (the 103-question combined test) so I guess it might be more accurate than usual; I wish I'm an inventor, dunno if I really am...

Conscious self
Overall self
Take the Enneagram Personality Test

"Start cultivating internal values" to avoid a "sad and shallow life"? Eeeeek! Quick, what the hell are internal values? Also, how does it know what I am subconsciously? Bizarre.

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||| 30%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 43%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||| 26%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 63%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||| 36%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||| 60%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Your Conscious-Surface type is 3w2
Your Unconscious-Overall type is 2w1
Take the Enneagram Personality Test
personality tests by

These all seem fairly realistic though... especially "detachment" and "sensitivity"...

Oh, closetedness, how I don't miss thee

Brad is right: Lance Arthur is hilarious, and an excellent writer generally, talking in this case about his first kiss (at 23!) with a girl, while still heavily closeted:

Shannon and I went into a room by ourselves and she, without preamble, pulled me to the floor and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Two things occurred to me immediately: Firstly, golly, I'm so gay that all I can think about here is how ugly the carpet is and why on Earth did the decorator think that wallpaper would work anywhere? Secondly, it would have benefitted me to have had something to drink before this was happening because Shannon's tongue tastes like Tequila and cigarettes and ass and I am going to vomit directly down her esophagus.

...this being part of a longer article discussing how he was a late bloomer. Oh, was I ever a late bloomer. I wet the bed 'til I was 11, didn't even begin puberty until I was 15, and have still not mastered whatever primitive metamorphosis it is that requires mastery of an automobile. I also identify with his peeking glimpses at playgirl and those long, long, long showers.

He's right. Why should I be ashamed of these things? Turned out okay in the end, right? It seems he and I have some other things in common, which he expresses in a way that I only wish I could: perfectly.

I didn't start drinking until I had a reason to. The whole concept of peer pressure just never made sense to me. Or maybe I had no peers, or the pressure was of a different sort. At any rate, I never really wanted to get drunk, never liked the taste of alcohol and couldn't see the value of losing control of one's motor skills and falling over a lot.

He even has the double personality problem!

I lived a very long time in the land of assumption. I thought I was this other guy, see, and it turns out I wasn't actually him at all. I made him up! Funny, isn't it? Now, the hard part is that I sort of tattooed him to me rather than just wearing him like a suit. He's very hard to erase. Some of him, that's still me. A lot, probably. But a lot isn't, and a lot of him was built out of fear and avoidance.
The more I mention this, the more I discover it is a problem everyone has had, though I continue to be convinced that the Laurie/Seldo break was exceptionally extreme: how many times did your personalities have strident vocal arguments? (I'm so glad no one else was in the room)

There is not really much point to this again rather self-involved post. I could probably wrangle a convincing moral conclusion and a valuable take-home message, but really it would just be an exercise in post-hoc rationalization, and I've had a long day. In the words of Bargepole: if you don't like it, you can bugger off and write your own.

Does Godwin's law apply here?

Grammar FuhrerYou are the grammar Fuhrer. All bow to your authority. You will crush all the inferior people under the soles of your jackboots, and any who question your motives will be eliminated. Your punishment is being the bane of every other person's existence, because you're constantly contradicting stupidity. Everyone will be gunning for you. Your dreams of a master race of spellers and grammarians frighten the masses. You must always watch your back. If only your power could be used for good instead of evil.
What is your grammar aptitude?
brought to you by Quizilla

Meanwhile, elsewhere, yet another confused journalist discovers blogs. Wake up, mediocre journalists! Your careers are over!

How obscene

In the same way that the speed of light varies depending on the medium through which it passes, so too does the speed of meme. Through the medium of blogosphere, it seems memes travel significantly faster than light.

The original article appeared only this morning (in the Baltimore Sun, which must be freaking out at all the extra traffic): the Bush administration is waging war on porn. The Bush administration hates porn; remember national protection from pornography week? This is what happens when you elect crazy religious fundamentalists, especially ones like John Ashcroft who can't tell -- or doesn't care about -- the difference between pornography, art and free expression. This is the guy who covers up naked statues, because he can't stand to give press conferences in front of a brass boob, so no wonder Janet's superbowl half-boob shocked him to the core.

But never fear, the blogosphere is here! Now you can have a picture of John Ashcroft composed of a collage of pornographic images. You can have it big enough to print out! (or jerk off to, I suppose, if you're straight and have good eyesight). I like this a lot. As someone who appreciates porn (in the same way that the clinically obese "appreciate" doughnuts), I object to people who want to take it away. So fuck off, John, and I really, really hope this has offended you.

This is all via Wonkette, which is getting a lot of flak recently for a bunch of gay-related jokes, which Republibloggers have decided is homophobic, completely failing to notice any irony in saying that kind of stuff about George Bush, the man currently trying to put anti-gay wording into their nation's most sacred document, in direct violation of his states'-rights-first Republican principles. They should calm down; the liking-and-licking Bush joke is neither as offensive nor as funny as people have made it out to be, but Wonkette is great and should be read if only so you don't miss the fantabulous in-jokes: like "Shaking the trees" is the new "hair on fire".

The Bracket Quiz

Okay, that's it. T really needs to stop finding memes and forcing, yes forcing me to propagate them. He's evil, I tell you. He's like a virus. Let me just grab some cereal and a cup of tea, and I'll be right with you...

[Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says]
"Smaller stones littered the escarpment, each subtending from its eastern side a raked cone of snow, its size varying according to the nature of the stone, pointing precisely away from the point from which the west wind whistled off the distant Barriers."

[Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?]
The door of my closet. A physical one, not a metaphorical one.

[What is the last thing you watched on TV?]
The Simpsons. The episode where they discover that Maggie shot Mr. Burns.

[With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?]
The TV in the next room, and the occasional mumble of a housemate speaking Bloke.

[When did you last step outside?]
Yesterday evening, coming home from work. About to head off to a picnic though.

[Before you came to this website, what did you look at?]
Another blog, Twentieth Century Fox.

[Did you dream last night?]
I always dream. I can't remember last night's dream. The last one I can remember clearly is where I was a white rapper in a band with 2 members of 311, and we were giving a huge concert on the beach in California, and I couldn't find my favourite t-shirt.

[What is on the walls of the room you are in?]
Going clockwise around the room:

  • Big blue curtains, bought at Argos.
  • A poster of Madonna with one gloved finger to her lips, bought at Warwick's ubiquitous poster sale.
  • A "vintage" look Coca-Cola picture of a boy in a straw hut drinking coke under a tree. Looks like Rockwell, but is actually circa 1991. Framed. A gift from an ex-boyfriend, who was aware of my love of all things Coca-Cola (I have the posters, the pictures, a glass, and am currently saving up for a bar sign, preferably one of those neon pink ones, but I couldn't find any on eBay today).
  • A mini Charlie's Angels 2 poster, nicked from a random Odeon somewhere.
  • Nature Boy by Kyle, in clear glass frame. Bought by me while buying some for other people.
  • A paper chain composed of sliced post-it notes (easiest paper chain in the world!)
  • A "men of 2000" calendar, forever stuck on December, who is cute. Originally belonged to Kim, who kept the cuter ones for herself.
  • My official Rik Ward seal of approval certificate.
  • Another framed Coca-cola print, this one in Warholian Campbell's soup stylee, it's four coke bottles in a row. This one was a birthday present from Will.
  • A print of "Cane Workers" by Isiah James Boodhoo, a Trinidadian painter. Christmas gift 2003 from my mother.
  • A small parchment scroll with the chinese characters for "sing a song" on it, purchased in Thailand by my brother and his GF for me.
  • Another Boodhoo print, this one called Kartik
  • Yet another Coca-Cola piece, this one also Warhol-inspired, it's a grid of bottles and caps in Marilyn Monroe style. Another Warwick poster sale.
  • An authentic (and somewhat stained) 6' x 4' Russian communist banner, circa 1970, in red cloth with gold tassels, featuring a slogan in Russian, an ornate hammer-and-sickle emblem, and a portrait of Vladimir Lenin looking suitably heroic. This was obtained for me by Mikey, who also translated the Russian at one point, but I have forgotten what it says. The back has loads more slogans as well.
  • A cut-out section of a plastic bag, original from the Hayward Gallery, featuring Lichtenstein's Kiss V. I got it free when buying something unrelated at the shop, but after seeing the Lichtenstein exhibition currently running there.
As is now obvious, I have quite a large room, so I've been trying to fill the walls with interesting stuff. My favourite by far is the communist banner; it's just gorgeous. I've never listed them all before, that took ages! And I hadn't realised quite how many were much-appreciated gifts from other people. Wow. I feel all special now...

[Seen anything weird lately?]
Soooo many things, but the best one recently was a Japanese woman very, very intently taking an extreme close-up picture of a puddle on the sidewalk on my way to work.

[What do you think of this quiz?]
I liked the question about the walls :-)

[What is the last movie you saw?]
Starsky and Hutch with Mary in a cinema, Eight Legged Freaks with eDan via download.

[If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?]
Anonymous gifts of spanking-new laptops and open round-the-world tickets for all of my friends. I have a plan, you see :-)

[If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?]
I would erase Jerusalem from the collective memory of the entire world, so people would stop fighting over that fucking place and go live somewhere else.

[Do you like to dance?]
It's in my top three things to do.

[George Bush?]
Idiot Son of an Asshole. Get rid of him, please.

[Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?]
I would have to take a long time to think about it. And I'd like to meet her first; not every name matches every person. Something that would sound okay to be called both on the playground and in the board room 30 years later. Those names are hard.

[Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?]
See above.

[Would you ever consider living abroad?]
I do live abroad. I come from Trinidad!

Right, that took ages! Off to the picnic.

You might want to change that name

So everyone's heard by now that yet another private security contractor has been killed in Iraq, this one British in Fallujah. But did anybody else catch that the name of the company he works for is Custer Battles?

In other news this week, a private shipping firm is launching its new ship Titanic.


Some of these have been sitting on the scratchpad for a looong time...

That's quite enough for now...

I can't believe I never did this one before

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Yep, I'm so "pseudo-intelectual" I can't even spell "intellectual". Meanwhile:

The war president
Behold: The War President, an image of Dubya composed entirely of the pictures of soldiers killed since he took office. Michael Moore continues to win awards for shameless exploitation of the dead. I am fairly amused, however, at the way most of the black soldiers ended up behind his head (because they're darker, so logically the program would place them in shadows). Even digital manipulation can't get Bush to face minorities. And the human face of war is beautiful and sad in equal measure. Those people are the people I decided should die when I agreed with the Iraq war. It makes me feel guilty, because I can't see the faces of the people who haven't died because Saddam is no longer in power. I can't even prove those people exist. Maybe they don't, yet.

The Google random personal picture finder is amazingly addictive, the LiveJournal version is not quite so revealing (unlike the Google ones, they are pictures people intended other people to see), but they do get some great memes, like the above. Some are just plain disturbing, however. And if pseudo-gothic arty teenage angst were a source of energy, that place would be like the middle east, only with Avril Lavigne worship instead of Islam.

The old debate: one night stands

This is a comment on Mikey's post, which was in turn inspired by Dan's. Which is what blogging is all about, really: conversations held with really long pauses, so you can actually think about what you want to say, and state it eloquently (or more eloquently than if you'd had 2 seconds to come up with it).

Of course no relationship ever came from a one-night stand of anonymous sex, because all the ones that became relationships no longer classify their first time as anonymous, nor was it a one-night stand. It's like saying no sunken ship ever reached port*.

I think it's probably true to say that most people currently in a relationship got to know each other a bit before having sex, but I think that's a false correlation. Most people are quite intimidated by sex, so most people get to know each other before they feel comfortable enough to have sex. So although people who had sex very quickly and are in stable relationships are in the minority, I think this is only because people who are self-confident enough** to have sex very quickly are in the minority in general.

Of course, only a subset of the people you find attractive enough to have sex with will you also find compatible enough to date, so if you have sex first you will end up sleeping with a lot of incompatible people. But if you take the other route, then you will end up spending a lot of time getting to know people who are sexually incompatible with you, and the two are of at least comparable importance. So who's to say which route is better? You might argue that emotional/intellectual compatiblity is more heavily weighted than sexual compatiblity, and so narrowing people down on that criterion should be done first. But sex being quicker than getting to know someone, one might argue that the sex-first method is more time-efficient, since no matter how much you like someone, a relationship will be nearly impossible if you cannot be physically intimate.

Having alternated between these two routes for four years now and still being single (with no relationship making it past the apparently crucial three-month mark) I can't say I have had marked success using either approach. But nor have I found one approach better or notably more successful than the other -- no matter how they started, they ended.

* Yes, I'm aware that in a few cases sunken ships have reached port. Bugger off now.

** The ability to get people into bed quickly is entirely based on confidence, not attractiveness. I can cite numerous examples, more than one of whom I've slept with myself.

Speaking out of turn

Once more in response to Dan in response to myself and Mikey, who was inspired by Dan in the first place. Still following?

So it is like an audition for a relationship? ... the idea that one can immediately recognise who they find attractive in the medium to long term is patently false anyways...

Yes, it's like an audition for a relationship. But you do not immediately need to recognize anything long-term: it's an audition for the *sexual* part of the relationship, which you seem to be placing no importance on at all. Some of the longest-running relationships *I* know of started with sex and then turned into something else later. As I said before, I'm sure the mix is roughly proportional to the general sexual habits of the single populace, and we are just picking out the examples we like.

How is a night spent getting to know someone new "wasted"? Getting to know someone, even if they turn out not to be the kind of person you want a relationship with, is a worthwhile experience -- you might learn something new, get a new perspective on an old situation, or simply recognize that their personality is less compatible with yours and more compatible with that of one of your friends; then you could introduce the two. Again, examples of friends ending up in relationships with people their friends pulled just once abound. And how is a night spent not interacting with your friends "wasted"? Sometimes I spend the night not interacting with my friends just because I *don't feel like it*, and I don't consider that wasted time. Running jokes and anecdotes are a dime a dozen, generated every time a group of friends gets together. They're nice, but they're not exactly rare and valuable, while good men remain proverbially hard to find.

I see my friends all the time; I find a guy I seriously want to go after much less often. Of course I'll go for the guy. But if I'm not hoping to get a second date out of it, then as Mikey said, it's just remote control masturbation. Sleeping with someone who seems nice, only to discover they're a psycho is just as pointless as spending a week going out "for coffee" with someone only to discover they are intellectually bankrupt. That's essentially my developing thesis here -- it's pointless, yes, but no more or less pointless than the other approach.

Say hello to the Master

So, via Karinski, I did the OK Cupid test. I found it interesting in that the logic of the test seems to be a lot clearer than most, and the answers more believeable. Some of the answers were sort of tricky for me, so I did the test twice with alternate answers for each of the ambiguous questions.

According to the first test, I'm a Deliberate Gentle Love Master ("the Gentleman"). Switching all my wobbly answers, I became the Random Gentle Sex Master ("the Playboy"), the differences lying in my alternating introvert/extrovert, planned/spontaneous nature (I never score the same answer twice) and my equally ambivalent attitude to casual sex, which I enjoy when I get it (though I seldom do!) but disapprove of on rational grounds (it's pointless), as most recently evidenced in the conversation below with Mikey and Dan, in which I argued the case of casual sex, despite thinking in general it's a better idea to get to know people first.

So on those grounds I might also be the (introverted = deliberate) Deliberate Gentle Sex Master ("the Bachelor") if I'm more sex-focussed than I'd like to admit, but less spontaneous than I'd like to be. The other variation possible is Random Gentle Love Master ("the loverboy"), who I'd quite like to be, but I don't really think I'm spontaneous enough to count as "random".

So I'm putting it to a vote: if you know me, am I spontaneous or planned? More romantic, or more horny? Answer honestly in the comments (click on the number in the bubble in the top-right...) or mail me at lovetest AT seldo DOT com, and I'll take the highest-scored answer* as the real value.

* It won't be democratic; people who know me better will have more votes. Deal.

OK Cupid

Go now! It's great! Mikey, Dan and I have been addicted to this site for days now...

Not who I was

Once upon a time, I was a boy who thought I was a genius
Once upon a time, you told me to back that up.
You took my ideas and you kicked them around,
Sometimes they flew and sometimes they hit the ground
The important bit is that you took them at all
And I know that for that I should be truly thankful

I'm not who I was
Not a boy, nor a man
I'm not who I was
And I have you to thank
Don't know who I'll be
But thanks to all of you
Least I know who I am

Once upon a time, I was a boy who thought I knew what I was.
Once upon a time, you made me think twice about that.
All my silly assumptions you shot to the ground
Took the world that I knew and turned it right upside down
You took what they said and you proved they were wrong
I still sing the same tune but now I write my own song

Not who I was
I can't thank you enough
For not taking my shit
And for calling my bluff
Don't know who I'll be
But thanks to all of you
Least I know who I am

Once upon a time, I was a boy who was all alone
Once upon a time, I thought that was how it would always be.
Then you opened your heart and you opened my eyes
To a world full of friendships just waiting to fly
Your genius lies in knowing the simplest of things
Though I've now left the flock I still know who gave me wings

I'm not who I was
Won't be lonely again
You taught me to love
And how just to be friends
Don't know who I'll be
But thanks to all of you
Least I know who I am

Once upon a time, I was a boy at a dead end
Once upon a time, I couldn't see my way out again.
But you turned me around and showed me all the ways
Then you lifted me up and you showed me the maze
Anyone could point out that all ends were the same
But you took the time to get me out of the game

I'm not who I was
Not that boy, not a man
I'm not who I was
And I have you to thank
Don't know who I'll be
But thanks to all of you
Now I know who I am

Listening to...

Carly will hate me for posting a listy-blog, but whatever. Instead of just the singles I'm listening to (think the combined playlists of Xfm and, er, Smash Hits), these are the albums I'm listening to, i.e. I think the artist has merit, rather than just the song being catchy.

  • Jellyfish - The album is called Spilt Milk, and I know you haven't heard of it, but get it right now. Part Queen, part Lemon Jelly, with a little bit of Beck mixed in for good measure, they're quirky, catchy soft rock at its unclichéd best.
  • Scissor Sisters - Not as good as they're made out to be, but catchy. The Bee Gees-style helium vocals are infectious, especially on Tits on the Radio
  • Outkast - Something for everyone on this big-ass double album. I prefer Andre 3000 to Big Boi although the "plot" on Andre 3000's album is a bit forced. Of the non-singles on each disc, I like Bowtie by Big Boi, so catchy, and Roses on Andre 3000.
  • Dido - Elevator music she may be, but White Flag, Life for Rent, Mary's in India, Don't Leave Home and Who Makes You Feel are all excellent ballads, and when's the last time there were five good songs on any album you got?
  • George Michael - I have no objectivity here; I've always been a fan of his. Love My Mother had a Brother, obviously, but American Angel, Precious Box and Please Send Me Someone were nice surprises.
  • Maroon 5 - a lovely voice (Justin Timberlake-ish, without the smugness), they're Jamiroquai mixed with somebody really bitter. The single is Harder to Breathe, the other gems are Must Get Out, Not Coming Home, and especially the excellent Shiver and This Love.

It's not self-centered if everyone does it

So via Colin who as usual plundered it from the prolific T comes the "Ask me anything" meme. How it works is: you post a comment (click on the bubble in top right... I'll fix it sometime...) containing exactly 3 questions for me, about anything*. You also post the URL of your own blog, where you do the same thing, so I can ask you questions. Then in a separate post a while later, I post the answers to the questions. Ok, got that? Now go.

Once you're done that, head on over and welcome Danny to the blogosphere. He has already distinguished himself as future A-list material with a classic line:

I have snogged him, although he isn't a bummer.
-- taken from his 100 80 Things About Me post (see? he's doing memes already!). Soon, there will be absolutely no one I know who doesn't have a blog. (I am only vaguely offended that he didn't think to ask me for space on

* except feminine hygeine. I don't know anything about that. Anything else, I'm an expert, but the questions are supposed to be more sorta personal questions. Any "what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?" questions will be summarily dismissed with "42".

The Weekend Report

Had a lovely weekend with Mary (why doesn't she have a blog yet?) and Dan and Mikey who were down from Warwick for the weekend. Went to Popstarz on Friday (surprise! not like I do that nearly every week!) which was fun apart from somebody -- probably -- spiking my drink, although I didn't notice at the time. Saturday morning (after I had groaned quite thoroughly about the hangover which led us to conclude I'd been drugged the night before) we sat in the sun for a bit, watched Empire Records on DVD, a special fan edition with 16 minutes of extra footage which surprisingly really improved the movie. Then we sat in the sun for a bit more, before wandering off to Wimbledon Odeon to see Kill Bill Volume 2, which as Ed had warned was not as pretty as the first movie, but still pretty good. We followed that up with an impromptu barbecue and then several hours of amusing banter. Banter was punctuated by the first recreational use of my Twister duvet cover (fully clothed thankyew) although I suppose it depends what you count as "recreation", and a couple episodes of Smallville. All of which was very entertaining.

You've got questions, we've got answers

And now, the answers to your questions...

From Geoff:

1. Who's the first person you ever had a serious crush on?
His name was Troy Suliman; he used to sit behind me in Chemistry class at CIC, my secondary school. He was tall, slim, had gorgeous skin, amazing cheekbones, strong jaw, long legs and an ass like rock. I had a crush on him before I even worked out that I was gay -- in fact, the strong feelings I felt whenever he was around were what prompted me to question if I was gay in the first place. Thanks for the memories, Troy ;-)
2. Would you stroll through Trafalgar Square naked at noon for $30,000?
People walk through Trafalgar Square naked all the freakin' time; damn hippies. Hmm... £16000? Yeah, probably, depending how cold it was and exactly how far across the square I had to walk. Do I have to stop at the traffic lights and stuff? 'Cause that'd make me feel really stupid...
3. If your oldest friend, your mother, and the love of your life were all stricken with a lethal ailment, and only one dose of the cure was available (let's assume that no more can be made, and that one dose cures the sickness), to whom would you give the cure?
My mother would probably object to me giving it to her when the other two needed it (she's that kind of person). And my oldest friend is one of the loves of my life, so there would be no dilemma :-)

From Marc:

1) Would you ever return to Trinidad to live?
Nope. It's too homophobic, too corrupt, too slow-moving, too small, too limited, and above all too boring. Maybe in the future I will slow down, limit myself, get duller and more corrupt, but then I'll still be a flamer, so nope. Also, they don't have broadband there.
2) Memory of your teenage years that most stands out in your mind?
A single incident, of all the time from 13-19? Wow. Let's just keep it to my time at school then; still a long time, still a tricky question. Oh! It would be the Sunday morning I woke up to discover that the Sunday Express had not only accepted a letter I'd written, but run it as a full-page article on the back cover of their youth section. It was the first time anything I'd written had ever been read by any number of people, and the e-mail responses that resulted were overwhelming. That incident let to the formation of the TriniContact mailing list and all the fun and friendships that provided. That was great :-)
3) What's one question you definitely wouldn't answer? (Just the question, obviously, not the answer).
"How big is his dick?" I don't kiss and tell :-)

And finally Colin:

1. If you had to change your hair permanently today, what color would you choose and why?
Blue! Easy question. Because I have a strange fixation with blue hair. And if it were permanent -- as in, I could grow it long and stuff and it would still look natural and everything -- well that would be... just... amazing. I'd look like an anime character! And it'd be a great conversation-point at parties.
2. What are you most afraid of?
Being old and lonely.
3. What motivates you?
Fantasies of cheering crowds. No, really.

Stalkervision™ returns

Knock yourself out. Only on when I'm not at work, naked, or sleeping. So about 7-12pm GMT. Hey, it's kinda scary when I put it like that, isn't it?

Stop Press

Camp is out on DVD in the UK as of yesterday, and my copy arrived this morning. Awwww yeah.

Party like it's 2000

Google has filed for IPO, the job market is humming, and yes, it's beginning to smell like 2000 again. Bring! It! On!

And although it's hardly a sign of the second coming of Beenz or anything, my eldest brother has started a sports blog, so pop over and say hello :-) (middle brother has had his own domain for a few years now, a typically self-centered present from me, but doesn't use it much).