Commanding the tide not to rise

posted 07 February 2005

I got really annoyed by this BBC article about one man giving up broadband because his "information habit" -- an addiction to web surfing, email, and the countless distractions of the Internet -- was ruining his life.

While developing an information habit can be a problem if uncontrolled -- I've suffered this problem myself -- cutting off your broadband connection is the wrong way of dealing with. It's like saying that cars cause traffic, so you're going back to the horse and buggy -- cars solved the problems of the horse and buggy, but have problems of their own. The trick is to go forwards, not backwards, using things like RSS aggregators and e-mail filters to stem the tide of useless information into a quiet little trickly of truly useful information.

Put more briefly, I think this guy is an idiot.

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It feels like years since it's been here

posted 07 February 2005

Today I was walking from my office to Broadgate Circle, where I buy lunch every day, and something hit me: a beam of sunlight. A bright shaft of light was squeezing between two buildings and running across the plaza. And so in the midst of the huge, grey, concrete plaza full of people in winter coats bustling to and fro, there was a long line of people standing facing the sun.

Spring is coming. Oh yes.

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