A comparison of diversity at three major tech companies

Update 2014-07-23: added Twitter and Salesforce to the spreadsheet after they published their numbers. Something really unusual happened recently: Google, then Yahoo, and finally today Facebook all released diversity reports, detailing how their workforces break down along gender and racial lines. This is unusual first because this is data they previously kept secret, and also because of the striking uniformity of the reports -- they all chose to report in the same categories and even gave those categories exactly the same names. I'm not sure how that happened -- maybe they conferred, maybe there's a third party driving all three of them to do it -- but whatever happened, it means it's possible to do an apples-to-apples comparison of these three, which collectively employ around 60,000 people (Google is by far the largest company). First up, gender breakdown across US employees: Unsurprisingly given what we hear about tech, men are over-represented. The only other interesting thing is that Yahoo is the...
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