I'm getting a cold, so it's just a straight cut-n-paste job from my scratchpad. Commentary is for people who feel better than I do. *ATCHOO*!

  • The BBC was the least-impartial news source for the war in Iraq, devoting less than 2% of its war coverage to anti-war viewpoints -- even less than ABC and CNN. (How can this be true?)
  • The iWire blog continues to be cool and interesting.
  • Matt of Defective Yeti continues to be funny, currently about this unborn baby:
    But it wasn't until The Queen came home from her first Nurse / Midwife appointment with sonogram in hand that the truth really sunk in: I was now the proud father of what appeared to be a packing peanut. Wow," I said upon looking at the image. "You get 50 more in there and that uterus is ready to ship!" (Note: do not say this to your wife.)
  • Building your own snowflake is soooooooo cooooooool. Much fun.
  • Everwood is yet more WB bullshit with pretty people to which I would become addicted if I saw even one episode. The world needs more people who look like Bright Abbott (who cares what his real name is? Not me.)
  • An actual billboard, and not an actual billboard.
  • My life as a dwarf. Hey, that's the word she uses, okay?
  • There's a fan-made trailer for The Hobbit buzzing around. This is a movie which Peter Jackson should totally make, and indeed, today confirmed he would. Yay!
  • From the same site, there's also a tribute to the original superman, which I find interesting mainly because of my continuing Smallville fixation. Which has nothing to do with the continuing sexual tension between Lex and Clark. No.