I'm having a very frustrating week, through no fault of anybody's, so I'm left with an undirected feeling of wanting to hit something, or somebody, very hard, with a hammer, until I am trembling and exhausted and, preferably, covered in blood.

This is, needless to say, not a great state for me to be in for a prolonged period.

So to burn off the energy, I'm gonna try to hang on until Friday night and then wear as much spiky black shit as I can find and go to Rock at the Mean Fiddler, where I intend, if things go well, to be screaming along to the vocal stylings of Zack de la Rocha at some point. Anyone fancy coming along with me?

In the meantime, I'm just going to be listening to angry music on my iPod at full volume and scowling at random people on the tube. Apologies in advance for snapping at you.

Update: Okay, random moment of incandescent rage passed. Still think the rock night is a good plan, though.