I've been too busy recently. I'm putting a hold on new social engagements for a while, to allow my brain to catch up...

Update: I have discovered that, despite my best efforts, I am in fact already booked up with social engagements every single day of the coming week:

  • Monday - Dinner with friend
  • Tuesday - Cooking with friend
  • Wednesday - Movie with friends
  • Thursday - Housemates' first full night as DJs of Miss Shapes. Come one, come all!
  • Friday - Er, Popstarz, because I wanted to go Friday and was ill. Technically, I could put this off until anytime, but with the first five days already booked, what would be the point, really?
  • Saturday - Barbecue at boyfriend-of-friend-of-friend.

I didn't really plan this week, it just sort of happened. So next week, I am planning to do nothing. So to be clear: from May 30th - June 5th, I intend to pursue no social engagements. If you're planning something, please don't invite me. Thank you.