Hands to Heaven, but about web standards

A million years ago I happened across a blog post called A Love Song About Web Standards. It featured a song called "Hands to Boag", a perfectly reproduced cover of the 80s song "Hands to Heaven", but rewritten to be about web standards and web development and the blog Boag, which is about those things. Even if you have never heard of Boag it's a pretty great cover and should make most web developers smile.

It's pretty good, but even better when you learn that Marcus Lillington, a host of the podcast in question, used to be a member of the band Breathe, who originally sang Hands to Heaven.

Every so often this idea that an 80s superstar is a web developer and people remade his song to be about web development returns to my brain and I go back and find the song and laugh again. But the last time, I discovered bit-rot had set in and the MP3 was no longer playable on their site. This is a tragedy! So I have rescued it and put it here, so you can still enjoy it: