Have some linkage

  • Memeing around the world at mach 7, I give you Rock Paper Saddam, in case you haven't seen it already.
  • More than 30 years late they're still sexist; can you imagine how racist and homophobic they must be? This reaffirms my long-standing desire to never, ever work for Investment Wankers.
  • BBC News Online's photographer of the year competition could get very big indeed.
  • Homophobia? What homophobia? In response to a gay couple being denied a room at a bed and breakfast, the Guardian surveys B&Bs across the nation and discovers even Tunbridge Wells likes homos these days.
  • I quite like the infinite cat project.
  • Omigod, this is, like, *so* funny. I give you Britney Spears' mission statement:
    Ohmigod, I'm gonna make a difference for the better too! I'm gonna be sexy again! I am! I'm gonna get my knee fixed - no, I'm gonna buy a new one - no, I'll buy a new leg and never have to let my fans, my ever-lovin' fans, down again. Then I'm gonna start going to the gym again for 18 hours a day, and find that body I had that looked like it sprang straight from the thigh of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and for the other six hours I'm gonna get me down to that special clinic in Arizona and have sexiness pumped into me like Botox into an ageing pop queen's forehead. "Fore you know it, I'm gonna be THE No1, worldwide wet dream again. I'm gonna sing like nobody's listening, dance like everybody's watching and love like I've never been married in an alcoholic stupor before. Oh yeah - and my momma and my manager say that through it all I'm going to cling like a limpet to the rock of my Baptist faith, which has always taught me that the best way to a place in God's heart is to make billions of dollars for them, preferably by tapping into the lucrative latent paedophile market. I sure do love you, guys! I just wanna fellate each and every one of you, and God willing we'll make it happen if my next album makes No1.
  • Turn your iPod into a wireless jukebox with Pocketster. Hurrah!