Jamie's got a gun

Oh... wait, no, not a gun. A blog, that's what I mean. Welcome! Doubtless he shall soon get around to posting, turning it bright orange and posting embarrassingly candid webcam photos of himself. The ever-growing Warwick blogging community waited with bated breath.

For current denizens of seldo.com: the disk-space problems earlier this month have been temporarily resolved, so you have another 100MB to blow before I start complaining again. Feel free to upload photos again :-)

Update: And speaking of uploading, here's that leaked Catwoman trailer via Waxy. He's right, she looks laughably bad. Haven't they heard that covering up can be more erotic than revealing? Michelle Pfeiffer* was sooo much sexier. Much more info on this upcoming travesty can be found on the unofficial catwoman site.

Update 1.04am: Dreamed that I was blogging in my sleep. If I am not dreaming, then this will still be here in the morning...

* God dammit, that name is impossible to spell.