Model Child

He's raised the only proper way
Mom and dad know what they're doing
He prays to god twice every day
And never ever answers back

He only speaks when spoken to
And every night he does the dishes
The Bible tells him what to do
He doesn't question daddy's wishes

He never questions mom or dad
Because they said they're always right
Doubting them is awful bad
Resists temptation every night

Never ever touch down there
We'll tell you when you're old enough
Remember always live in fear
Of all that touchy-feely stuff

Never reach for anyone
God will guide you to your wife
God wants us to help you, son
We'll guide you on the walk of life

Going to be a doctor, lawyer
Going to make your mother proud
Come straight home for dinner
Sloth is a sin and not allowed

Healthy body means healthy mind
Exercise three times a week
But don't let strength give you pride
Remember what comes to the meek

Meek and mild and perfect child
God-fearing, godlike, no faults to see
Inside anger running wild
No way out, he can't get free

Meek and mild and perfect man
Mom and dad's great victory
Fulfillment of their lifelong plan
Until they find the body

Raised very strictly
Questioning them is wrong
Thinking they might be wrong is wrong
Don't answer back
Speak when spoken to
Always do the dishes
Never touch yourself
Never touch anyone
Anger rising, no way out
Nothing you can talk about
Going to be a doctor or a lawyer
Study hard, always come straight home
Exercise is good for you, go to the gym twice a week
God-fearing, god-loving, godlike child
Nothing wrong
Until they find the body