Pour some sugar on me

Now, if you know me, you know I like music videos, possibly too much. I watch them all the time, and get really aggressively pretentious about them. If that kind of thing annoys you, you should definitely stop reading this entry.

Currently making the rounds (apparently via Waxy originally) is Pour some sugar on me, by boyband Townsend covering Def Leppard. At first glance, it appears merely an awful video for an awful song: it parodies hair bands, but at the same time firmly including every single boyband video cliché in the book: the matching outfits, the all-white room, the really really bad choreography.

But looking closer, I can't help but think maybe the director was having a laugh at their expense. The video is a nested set of parodies: a parody of hairbands inside a parody of boybands, nested inside a television set being watched by other people at home: if not to drive home the point that it's nested, what's the point of the sequence being set inside a television? Likewise, the Beatles costumes don't make any sense (it's a Deff Leppard song!) unless you're trying to emphasize how much of an obvious boyband they are by throwing in the original boyband. And taking it even further, to drive home the point about it being a video cliche, we throw in a reference to the original video -- Hey Mickey -- with a bevy of cheerleaders dancing in a white room.

It's either really dumb, or extremely clever. I'm still not sure which. But I've watched it 3 times now trying to decide, and now so will you. So either way, it was certainly an effective video.