I actually do these every year, but because of the superstition about keeping them secret, I generally just forget they exist. I'm like that. So screw tradition. Here are my new year's resolutions (I will update this list and add more later):

  • Gain a more in-depth knowledge of speciality subjects that interest me but are not related to my job. So far this includes:
    • comic books (spurred by an excellent Christmas present; the science is not nearly so interesting as the discovery that nearly all of DC's characters have 2 origin stories, that the Fantastic Four are Marvel's oldest characters, that Peter Parker's original girlfriend was Gwen Stacey, that American comic book heroes started fighting the Nazis two months before America did, and that the Comic Code of America was introduced because comic books were thought to be related to a rise in juvenile crime)
    • architecture (what exactly is Georgian, anyway?)
    • history of computing (beep!)
  • Write more often, and publish more often. I love writing and want to be better at it, and the only way to do so is practice. So I need to increase my output dramatically. In fact, let's set a target: 1 blog entry per day. 365 entries in a year doesn't sound too hard. (NB: Since I currently contribute to 5 blogs, that doesn't mean this place will see exactly one entry every day. Also, some days I'll blog twice.)