Some random linkage for you, my all-time favourite random websurfer. First off, from a few days...

Some random linkage for you, my all-time favourite random websurfer. First off, from a few days ago, there's this controversy over the Atkins diet. Now, apart from pointing out the obvious flaw in the diet, there's the following little tidbit:
The amount of fat consumed [by Americans] has been steadily climbing, as has consumption of all calories. Individual caloric consumption jumped from 3,300 calories per day in 1970–79 to 3,900 in 1997, an 18 percent increase. Per-person consumption of fat grams increased from 149 to 156, a 4.5 percent increase.
And so, the "mystery" behind America's continuing weight gain (two thirds overweight, nearly one third clinically obese) is solved: hey, dumbasses! You eat too much! Hang back on the supersized tub of lard! Does it worry anyone else that the world is currently dominated by a nation of people who, goldfish-like, are unable to stop nibbling at the food around them even though it's killing them?

More briefly:

  • A complete waste of time does everything it says on the tin, and well.
  • The Political Compass is an online test that sorts out your viewpoints on various issues and places you on a graph of political views, next to semi-famous political leaders. My lib-dem status was confirmed by landing me just a few spots to the left of Charles Kennedy (the British one).
  • Fred Durst claims he had wild sex with Britney. This wouldn't be noteworthy except that he refers to himself as "the limp man". Hurhurhur. I'm twelve years old, I know.
  • Finally, I finished my Artificial Intelligence essay. Before the deadline! Woot!
  • Ghastly but funny.
  • Bringing new meaning to serving web pages on the fly.
  • And finally, I bring you this report that Kodak has brought out a new camera with an OLED display. OLEDs are Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. This is not amazing news, except that the impending release of these devices was the subject of my first real post to this weblog. Seldo.Weblog's second birthday is March 27th. I will doubtless forget about it entirely :-)