StalkerVision™: The Return

Go nuts with dual-cam madness! I'm not at home, obviously, 'cause I'm at work. Maybe I'll bring a cam to work too...

And sticking with (not to say stretching) the theme of secret cameras, the BBC's undercover investigation of racism in the police force is just as controversial as expected. It's a total ratings grab (especially breaking the story a few hours early), but still worthwhile journalism. I fucking love the BBC.

Incidentally, I can't believe we had a police officer who thought "Hitler had the right idea". Police chiefs are falling over themselves to express how outraged they are, and rightly so. This is clearly just the tip of the iceberg. At least I know that Chez will soon be along to sort them all out.

Unfortunately, this is the nation holding its police to a higher standard than they hold themselves. Britain likes to think of itself as egalitarian these days, but in reality it is still a deeply racist society, even if the expression of that racism is more subdued and subtle than in the past. Britain needs to take a good look at itself and work to eradicate racism across the nation, not merely in the police force. However, I wonder if any institution in the country could stand up to this sort of scrutiny?