Things I was asked at work today

  1. Q: I'm attempting to log into my server, but the site keeps taking me back to the front page and asking me to log in again. It doesn't say I've got my password wrong, in fact I know it's right. So why is this?
    A: You probably have browser cookies turned off.
  2. Q: I have two SQL statements with one condition each. They both work. I'm trying to combine the two, but the results are totally wrong. What am I doing wrong?
    A: You should be joining your conditions with a logical AND, not an OR, otherwise your answer is the union of the two sets, instead of the intersection, which is the answer you want.
  3. Q: You know, when you're in Bosnia, and you step on a mine, and your legs go flying away, what's the word for that?
    A: I think the phrase you're looking for is "blown off".

Three for three. I was on a roll.