Time for a big 'ol link-dump, I feel; it's been far too long so these are going to go waaaay back,...

Time for a big 'ol link-dump, I feel; it's been far too long so these are going to go waaaay back, and have doubtless lost some relevance. Oh well, I'll try harder in future :-)
  • Did you know the RAF once tried rain-making experiments that caused fatal flooding?
  • That bastard monkey is getting its ass sued off, mainly on the grounds that it's annoying. The first time I've been grateful for America's passion for litigation.
  • Everyone needs some Disinformation in their lives. Still biased, but at least in the opposite direction. I bet Ted Turner owns stock.
  • You remember those guys who tried to stop the hijacking of the 9/11 flight that crashed in Pennsylvania instead of crashing into the White House? (The infamous "Let's roll" comment will never freakin' die) Did you know that one of them was gay? Did you know some people act like that's a REALLY big deal? 'Cause of course, no-one gay had ever done anything brave before, like coming out to a homophobic world.
  • Have you read your Strong Bad email this week?
  • The feeling of drunk is at least partly psychological. You now you just think you're less inhibited, it makes even less sense. Of course, now that people know alcohol doesn't do this, they'll probably switch to crack or something :-)
  • You think you've got the hang of weird people on the web, and then you meet Bran Trefonnen.
  • Missy Elliot rules. "Is it worth it, let me work it / I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it..."
  • Ever wondered what 20/20 vision really means? The delightful HowStuffWorks has the answer.
  • Yay for ricin and the umbrella murder! Doesn't it make you feel good to know that an instantly deadly on-contact poison can be made from the seeds of the same plant we grow in huge quantities to produce castor oil? Brings new meaning to the term "killing fields".
  • We all know the joy of watching bizarre advertisements, but the Flintstones advertising cigarettes is really quite impressive. Apparently in its day, the Flintstones was considered mainly adult entertainment, like the Simpsons is now, so it seemed natural to advertise cigarettes on the show. Now of course it looks like some kind of freak-show parody about the evil tobacco companies getting kids hooked. Which is fine, as far as I'm concerned :-)
  • Apple wins all the prizes for sexiest hardware. Does anyone have £2000 lying around and feel like buying me a Powerbook G4? I'm willing to exchange sexual favours, especially if you happen to look like Alex Schoknecht, continuing Apple's strong line in sexy geeks, too. Of course, Apple has been making great ads since 1984 (I'm sure the bouncing boobs signify something important).
  • Clever people continue to come up with things to say about enhancing web usability. If you do websites, these are worth reading.
  • British teenagers are staying away from school in record numbers because they are self-conscious about their appearance. School is hell.
  • Kazaa's spyware pissing you off a little too much? There's some viable competitors on the way at last, including Shareaza and OverNet, both properly decentralised real P2P applications with no central server to prosecute.
  • Nobody ever really taught me how to write an essay; they just asked me to write them over and over in the hope that I would somehow improve. Thankfully some people are a little more helpful.
  • I've been listening to Justincase quite a lot. Cute lead singer, pretty songs -- you need more?
  • As Ed told me and I didn't believe at the time, it seems the truth is that Microsoft doesn't actually make any money. In essence, they've been paying out in the form of stock options and other perks far more than they actually make, and structuring things in such a way that the amount is rising exponentially. GAAP or not, if this blows up the public is going to be pretty pissed off, to the tune of Enron.
  • Having saved Karyn, are you now ready to Rescue Steph? At least Steph's debts come from unavoidable medical bills and not just being a dumbass like Karyn's did. And of course if you don't feel like helping someone recover from illness, you can be a chauvanist instead and give boobs. You've got to admire her for trying; also, she's nearly there already. Some people have WAAAAY too much money.
  • Planet Sinclair is full of great inventions by that doomed inventor
  • Automatically generate a fantasy name and then set forth to jerk your own adventure! Ah, technology is so wonderful...
  • Apparently the lyrics to that Las Ketchup song are actually a loose translation of Rapper's delight by the Sugar Hill Gang. Which is quite cool, really. The lyrics also include some fairly obscure words like brujeria (witchcraft), chuleria (a very fun activity or place), gitano (Gypsy), and finally ragatanga, an obscure new form of Brazilian fusion music.
  • Thanks to Ed for the link to the hilarious Black people love us! site. ( "They really do! We have testimonials to prove it!" )
  • X-men 2 is on the way, with a cruel bastardisation of the beauty that should be Nightcrawler. Is it wrong to be in love with a blue furry fictional character? Be sure to check out Bamf central; they're way more obsessed than me and that's saying a lot.
  • Fetch Fido has enough flash and shockwave games to get you fired from even the most permissive of workplaces
  • Warwick University did a sexuality survey and came up with 8% homosexual, %5 bisexual. That sounds surprisingly accurate, and I consider the source fairly impartial, unlike most surveys of this kind.
  • Got too much money and too little taste? Get yourself a golden DeLorean.
  • Donnie: I made a new friend today.
    Dr. Lillian Thurman: Real or imaginary?
    Donnie: Imaginary.
    For the love of god, see that movie already.
  • If you were a homophobe before, you're going to be doubly scared now: the gays have guns! I love stereotypes. Or you could just go "awww" at the unwedding of ultrasparky. Is it me, or are there a whole lot of gay blogs around?
  • The cute people make me want to go to Burning Man.
  • I can think of no better anti-rape device than a vaginal airbag. Includes "a needle to to obtain a penile tissue sample and to cause penile tissue irrritation". Ouch.
  • Be retro and obscene at the same time with Simon Swears thanks to Toby for the link :-)
  • The joys of recursion.
  • You thought celebriducks were a disturbing misapplication of celebrity? Then you need to see the wonder that is The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, as sung by Leonard Nimoy and a gaggle of crazy 60s chicks in pointy ears. I wish I was joking.
  • Taking the pill can temporarily change women's taste in men. Maybe this has something to do with the rising divorce rate?

    Good god, so much more to do... I'll stop for now...