Trapped in the attic

Trapped in the attic

CNN accidentally runs the picture from the rushes of the coming-soon made-for-TV movie instead of the article it meant to run.

For a few brief days in the worst of the New Orleans disaster, when Soledad O'Brien was kicking ass, Anderson Cooper was keeping it real, the administration was being attacked from every side, the race issue was being given the attention it deserves, the lies and hypocrisy of FEMA were being properly persued, and even FOX fucking news was giving them a hard time, I thought we might have turned a corner. I thought American media was finally waking up to its responsibility to report the news, not just act as mouthpieces for press releases and official statements.

But that brief shining moment has gone, and everyone is reverting to type. Oh thank god, there were some pretty white girls in New Orleans, so we could finally write a human interest story that would play well in middle America.

I mean come on, CNN! Thousands of poor black people are dead! All the white people high-tailed it out of there in their SUVs hours before the storm struck! You can't even pretend it's just that you're picking the "average American" here -- 63% of New Orleans is black! And yet you're running a story about some white suburban mom who got out just fine?

The American media makes me fucking nauseous.