Were the world mine

Were The World Mine (more info on Wikipedia) is a new movie from Speak Productions and it's pretty much my idea of a perfect movie: a musical based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream about a hot gay boy who discovers a potion that can turn anybody gay. There's singing! Dancing! Hot boys in glitter and silver pants!

Naked boys dancing!

The only problem: I can't find anywhere that's playing this movie. Keep in mind that I live in San Francisco, the town where, out of the whole world, you would most expect to find this movie in theatres. I can't find it anywhere in the world. This needs to be rectified. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, the trailer and hell, the the full soundtrack (including surprisingly large chunks of dialogue) is already available on the Amazon MP3 store (yes, that's an affiliate link -- my first ever. I hear they're all the rage).

Here's a track from the album. I dunno if you think iambic pentameter sounds sexy when it's sung, but I sure do: