About me

I am a 38 year old software developer living in San Francisco, California. I work at npm, Inc..

I am deeply in love with the web in all its forms, and my goal is to make the web bigger, better, and more accessible to everyone.


I grew up in Trinidad (one half of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago), where I co-founded a small web development company at age 16. I left Trinidad at age eighteen, worked briefly in London at the tail-end of the dot-com boom, then attended the University of Warwick, where I studied computer science. I then returned to London until early 2007, when Yahoo! offered me a position at Yahoo! Widgets in Sunnyvale, CA. Since then I have lived in San Francisco.

I co-founded a company called awe.sm in 2010 and ran it until 2013, when I left to take a year off. It was acquired in 2014. At the end of my sabbatical I joined my co-founder Isaac, who I had met in my time at Yahoo, at npm.