Second Kiss

posted 16 April 2002

No one could know you better than him,
You know all his secret dreams
Together you shared your first kiss
And the last one too it seems

You're waiting for your second kiss
You're dreaming of that day
The day you share your second kiss
And throw your pain away

Your mother thinks you're beautiful you
Grew up slowly, grew up plain
He grew up quickly, a gorgeous boy
Wild thing only you can tame
You can calm him but never have him
Forbidden fruit that you still tend
You know it does no good to stare
He loves you only as a friend

You're waiting for that second kiss
You live in hope, it brings you back
The day you share your second kiss
And you'll gain everything you lack

Some others have tried to catch your eye
But your heart won't change its tune
You waste the precious years of your youth
Strangers will stop calling soon
His girlfriends all love the clothes he wears
The ones you picked out for him
He tells you what it was like last night
Cruel stories, you endure them

Still waiting for that second kiss
Still living in a dream world
The day you share your second kiss
And you won't be the lonely girl

He's not using you without caring
Every favour is returned
But there's one thing you can't ask him for
The second kiss for which you burn
He'll always love you like a sister
You know you're his best friend
But stop waiting for that second kiss
Time for your long dream to end

Stop waiting for that second kiss
Don't throw your life away
You'll never get your second kiss
He'll never ask to stay

Grew up together
Will grow old together
Know each other's secrets
Shared their first kiss
First kiss also their last
You grew up slow, he grew up fast
A gorgeous man
A ordinary girl
Your friends are sorry for you
Setting you up with guys they don't want
You only have eyes for one
And he calls you when he's down
And tells you how it was for him
You choose his dress-sense for him
His girlfriend loves the clothes he wears
He does your homework for you
You know it does no good to stare
He loves you as a friend
You're happy that he does
But he's moving on and you're staying put
There's no future in that

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