So, Jewel -- remember her? -- has a new song out, called Intuition (please don't link to that; my...

posted 17 July 2003
So, Jewel -- remember her? -- has a new song out, called Intuition (please don't link to that; my bandwidth is inadequate). It's actually not a bad song, upbeat and strident with a totally different, poppy direction for Jewel, who had seemed to have petered out on her last album with increasingly long-winded, increasingly meaningless nouveau-hippy songs. Whereas this one you can dance to. And she does: the new video is good. She's conscious that her new direction is a commercial decision, and that's what the video is about: it alternates between camcorder-like "real" footage, complete with date and time stamps, and the standard music video feel of saturated colours and great lighting. The difference is striking: everybody looks much hotter in "video world". But she wimps out a bit: even in the "real" scenes she quite carefully posed and made up, and the video scenes soon come to dominate, culminating in Jewel gyrating in a wet t-shirt, sprayed (for sexual equality, we assume) by a hot young fireman. It's not innovative or anything, but it's amusing and well-produced and, like I said, the song is catchy. So go download the video now :-)
Update: I've just watched it again and noticed that the scrolling ticker which pops up halfway through the video is actually part of the video itself (the copy I have is a frame capture from TV, so this is not immediately obvious). It reads, in full: '"Jewel's music sounds much better now that she's dancing. I love it! SCRREEEEEAAAAMMMM!" - Suzi, Anchorage, AK'. I'm liking this more every time I see it.
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