Premiership rapists

posted 02 October 2003

So, ordinarily, I wouldn't have anything to do with a sordid story like this, especially since I really don't care about football, and have never heard of most of the people involved. But a minor scandal has broken out in the UK over 8 famous footballers being accused of rape by a 17 year old girl. By law, none of the UK papers can name her or her attackers, but the names have predictably leaked out onto the net -- just as they would have leaked out by gossip and word of mouth. However, lawyers representing the footballers are shutting down forums which discuss the allegations, under libel laws. This offends me greatly, simply because I like the free flow of information and think the Internet should be free of that kind of restrictive bullshit, especially since it's unenforceable anyway. For good and ill, the 'net is about the completely unrestricted transfer of information. And since they're doing a pretty good job of shutting down this information at the moment -- Google has it, but I had to google for quite a while -- I thought I'd help out with a heavily-linked post and hope Google finds this page.

Basically, the girl claims that she was having consensual sex with one of the footballers when the seven others entered the room and assaulted her, at which point the Sun says she claims "she was gang-raped and forced to have unnatural sex", by which I suppose they mean anal sex. The name of the players are alleged in this thread, and have NO MORE STATUS THAN RUMOUR. The relevant post:

Thought you may be interested to know this.

Those Premiership players in the gang-rape story are Newcastle: 
Bramble, Dyer, Bellamy, Ameobi, Bernard, Ambrose and Jenas. The other 
player, with whom she consented, is Carlton Cole (Chelsea).

Now, I'll probably get taken down too, although they'll have a bit of a time making their case, since I'm quoting another source, clearly identifying it as UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOUR, and my servers are in New York, where the UK's laws don't apply, and where there are no similar laws about libel. But it's the principle of the thing, and anyway the Google cache will save this post for a bit longer :-)

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