Blog backlog! A bunch of semi-random stuff that probably gives a good look into my thought...

posted 19 March 2003
Blog backlog! A bunch of semi-random stuff that probably gives a good look into my thought processes. Here's random for you:
  • Which happy bunny are you? I am "cute but psycho bunny", as any of my exes will probably attest, when they're not busy calling me a slut behind my back, apparently.
  • Feedster (briefly called Roogle before Google complained) is a clever implementation of the fairly obvious idea of a search engine for RSS feeds. RSS (for Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow others to grab the current contents of your website (usually just the headlines) in an automated way, which enables you to read news via news aggregators. The site explains how this is useful quite clearly. I have yet to start using a news aggregator -- Google news is pretty clever, and Phoenix's "open in tabs" feature allows me to open all 4 of my most-read news sites in a single click.
  • Somewhat relatedly, has anybody else noticed how stroppy Google is getting about protecting its brand recently? They weren't too happy about becoming a verb, apparently, since it's one step away from becoming a generic word for "searching the web", in which case Yahoo! could call itself a "googler", and all hell would break loose, branding-wise. I like google, but I think they're fighting a losing battle on this one. I for one have been using it as a verb since mid 2001, an answer I retrieved using Google Groups, in a manner I would describe as ironic if the lot of pedants that you are wouldn't instantly jump on me for doing so.
  • MyFonts is great in an unbelievably geeky way. Most of the fonts are for purchase, not free, but the quality of the site reflects that. I'll stick with free for now though, until I can put them on account with someone.
  • The Distorted View looks like it might be worth browsing in more details; let me know if you find anything particularly good...
  • Apparently, illicit sex is a natural result of the high pressure of a job in politics. Which explains a lot.
  • Now, I have no problem with the Jewish lobby complaining about anti-semitic remarks, but there is a certain irony in him having to fight for his job against powerful lobbying by Jewish groups upset because he said Jewish lobby groups have too much power.
  • Somebody has finally fought -- and won -- a court case over an issue that is close to my heart, the sexual discrimination that is the tie. Women in the workplace are required to dress "professionally", but nobody would ever dictate that they must wear a particular item of clothing that has been worn for centuries -- they would rebel, in fact, if asked to wear something popular merely a decade ago. But for some reason men don't complain about ties, which are an ancient and particularly unattractive item of clothing. I don't ever want to have to wear a tie. They ming. I don't see why women should have a freedom of choice of clothing that is denied to men. It's just unfair.
  • Did you know the US will be using trained sea lions in the upcoming war?
  • Shar-Peis are so cute! I feel like Rik talking about kittens.
  • Nightcrawler is still really sexy.
  • Anti-US sentiment may be growing, but a lot of people are fairly pissed with France.
  • Hey, there's liquid water on Mars! Kick-ass!
  • Thanks to Toby for this insightful look into how Economists follow the market.
  • AlbinoBlackSheep is the home of an ever-growing number of fascinating features, including the inkblot test and amusingly inaccurate Gypsy Kings karaoke. It's funnier than it sounds.
  • Cricket commentary should always be this exciting.
  • The gun with brains looks quite cool, but I'd rather we had gun-owners with brains first.
  • An illuminating list of other nations currently violating UN resolutions other than Iraq. Israel appears an awful lot.
  • Thanks to Ed for pointing out the amusingly nuts terrorist busters logo, which is less believably not a parody -- they actually link to it, down at the bottom. The US is totally insane.
  • Comedy photo of Marshall Mathers as a kid, at the website of Ryan Benharris, who takes himself way too seriously for somebody with such a dumb name. But people who live in glass houses, etc.
  • Those bloody Spaniards cover everything in oil.
  • has a really awful website full of interesting stuff.
  • Oh, for the glory days of chicken sexing.
  • War in Iraq has managed to push what would otherwise be our number 1 source of mass hysteria to the back pages for the moment, but this mystery flu has me scared anyhow.
  • Wendy is funny. That would be the webcomic, not my mom. Although I suppose she's funny sometimes too. Hi mom! How come you never read my blog?
  • The Department of Homeland Security wants you to be afraid of absolutely everything, just in case.
  • Kevin Sites is in Iraq. Stay tuned.
  • Also, check out the State of the Union. Hee hee.
  • The E-cyclopedia continues its sarky take on the words we use, with a special war edition, including such gems as the "axis of weasel" and "cheese eating surrender monkeys" (one guess).
  • Terminator 3: she'll be back. I wish this was a parody.
  • I'm not yet sure whether the Scalloblog is funny enough to read every day, but it's certainly funny enough to read once.

    That enough for you, you link-hungry fiends?

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