posted 18 January 2004
Mikey is visiting. Thoughts from this weekend:
  • Popstarz was fun
  • O'Neill's is not really very Irish at all
  • Michael is funny ha-ha, while Mikey is funny-strange
  • Working on Saturdays sucks
  • The Lord of the Rings would have been much shorter if the hobbits had mobiles*.
  • Paycheck is a very entertaining movie
  • I have become so assimilated to London that I no longer notice how ridiculous it is to pay £10 to see a movie
  • Smallville is excessively self-involved
  • Spam-based art is clearly the Next Big Thing.
  • The Tate Britain is not nearly as crap as everyone makes out, although they do have waaaaaaaaaaay too much bloody Turner.
  • Turner was very talented, but you can only look at so many brilliantly-executed landscapes before being bored.
  • Villiers street has at least two good restaurants: Exotika is amazingly good, amazingly fast food with style, and the random Italian place is not bad either.
  • Graham is still very interesting, and I am privileged to be (apparently) the only person he knows who doesn't have a doctorate.
  • Veggie food can be good, apparently, when cooked by Mary
  • I know some very embarrassing 80s songs that nobody else does, apparently.
  • I sing along to these aforementioned songs in the expectation that everybody knows them, then get funny looks
  • Mary lives SO FAR AWAY from Central. Get into zone 3 at the very least, woman! It takes YEARS to get home from your place!

* Insert obligatory "Can you hear me now?" joke

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