Mr Big

posted 18 October 2005

Forgive me a moment of parochialism, but the Prime Minister of my home country is a complete asshole:

Prime Minister Patrick Manning says he knows who is responsible for four bombing attacks in the country in the last four consecutive months. He also said that he knows who the "Mr Big" is in the matter.


Manning said the government was aware of the culprits in the bombing but admitted to not having evidence which could stand up in the courts.

Dude, you're the Prime Minister. If you don't have evidence that can stand up in court, you don't fucking know. So don't pretend like you do. God, this man is such an idiot.

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My housemates are famous!

posted 18 October 2005

Let it be known: housemates T&J, having faithfully put in the time at Ghetto, have hit the big time and will be DJing the late set this week at Popstarz, my favourite club! Woo! So a trip to Popstarz this Friday is even more obligatory than it usually is anyway. Be there and bring everyone you know! The set will be 2-4am, so remember to have some red bull before heading out, lightweights :-)

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Goodbye, Dick Cheney?

posted 18 October 2005

Oh, it's been a good day for good news: Is Dick Cheney going to be indicted in Plamegate, and resign? It's on the Internets, so it must be true.

Update: This is all via credit-whore Ed.

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