posted 07 December 2005

The company Christmas party is tonight, and the wild'n'crazy theme chosen by popular vote was "Black Tie" (damn you, reserved British culture!). So now I have to rent some sort of clothing. Is there such a thing as a non-boring dinner jacket? An stylish tuxedo? If so, where does one find such a thing? Answer in the comments ASAP, please, as I have to rent the damn thing this afternoon.

Comments along the lines of "oh, but tuxedos are already stylish!" or "suits look great!" will not be accepted. They may look good on other people. I look like a trapped monkey.

However, I'm having a terrible feeling about this. From the website of Moss Brothers Rental:

The great thing about black tie ... is that it is so easy. It doesn’t demand a great deal of choice, or even much fuss for that matter. It is, essentially, a uniform, and it is very hard to get it wrong.
Aaaaaaaaaargh! I hate uniforms! I demand choice! *sob* :-(


posted 07 December 2005

I'll bet you 50p that our Christmas party was more fun than your company's. Unfortunately, the suit looked stupid, although that was pretty much a given. Luckily it got taken off very early on in favour of dancing a lot with my co-workers, who were making considerably more efficient use of the free bar than I was.

A good time was had by all, I think. Somebody left with my extremely expensive, very new, wonderfully warm winter coat though(!) :-( I hope a company-wide email retrieves it tomorrow or I shall be a sad panda.

Also, it's 3am and I'm still awake. I have consumed near-toxic levels of caffeine. Luckily, thanks to the joy of hangovers I am still going to be one of the most alert people at the office tomorrow.

Update: Coat was returned by some woman from finance who was very cagey about how it came into her possession. Bless drunk people.

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