On Love

I dunno why this popped into my head a minute ago, but it did. There have been a few times in my life when I've seen something and been absolutely sure that what I was seeing was love. The first one that I can remember is easily fifteen years ago now. It was around Christmas, and my family and I were on vacation in Tobago. As was our habit in Tobago, we had gone for a walk at sunset on Turtle Beach and then, as was equally habitual, repaired to the beach bar there for rum punches (or a coke in my case, being twelve). The hotel was laying on entertainment for guests, and there was a sound system and DJs just setting up. The song "Lady in Red" by Chris de Burgh came on. It's an awful, saccharine song, but at some point in the lifetime of my parents they had developed a semi-ironic attachment to it as "their" song. As soon as he recognized the song, my father got to his feet and asked my mother to dance. And for a few moments, they did, despite the fact that there was no other dancing going on, or even a dance...
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SF Outside Lands

I am looking forward to Outside Lands, yes indeed.
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