Ten Things Twitter is Not

It's no secret to anybody that I'm a huge fan of Twitter. As a man with an insatiable desire to know everything in the universe as fast as possible, Twitter is like having ESP: I know what everyone around me is thinking, and if I want to, I can hit Twitter search trending topics and find out what everyone is thinking about. I think it's a service that's already hugely useful and has tremendous potential. So I get a little annoyed, now that Twitter is going crazily mainstream, being used by everyone from Oprah to the CDC, when people misunderstand what Twitter is, and what it's for. Some of them are aggravatingly stupid ideas, and yet are blithely echoed around the mediasphere. So here's my top ten things that Twitter is not. 1. The new email / the new telegram Only a total idiot would think that Twitter was an attempt to replace email, and you'd have to be an idiot from the early 20th century to think it was an attempt to replace the telegram. The combination of these two idiots is Maureen Dowd of the New...

California Proposition 8 Upheld

"So, how was your week?" Oh, you know... I had a tough deadline, a couple of boring meetings, and the supreme court upheld that a plurality of voters could deny me my civil rights in the country that calls itself the Land of the Free... the usual. So fuck you, voters of California. The rest of the country is rapidly falling into line, and by 2010 it'll be you and fucking Mississippi looking like hateful throwbacks.