10 Things That Make Me Smile™

Thanks to Karinski for another quality meme... it's guaranteed to make you smile, by definition! Here's 10 little things that make me happy.

  1. When somebody comes up to me and says "you're a good dancer!" (After spending my adolescence being laughed at for my dancing, this never, ever gets old)
  2. Being able to choose what I wear to work every morning
  3. Finding a really interesting new blogger
  4. Music videos
  5. Central London at 4 in the morning
  6. Chatting to random strangers on the tube (so rare!)
  7. Surprising somebody with my taste in music (aka "you also like good music!")
  8. My camera phone when I spot something random
  9. Being able to check out a cute guy without needing to wonder if anyone will disapprove of me doing so (love the big city)
  10. When my MP3 player brings up a song from my past I'd forgotten I liked