A minor prediction

One minor thing about the iPhone that a lot of people have asked: why is the camera no good? A 2 megapixel camera makes it better than the Blackberry, the Treo and the other major smartphone devices, but not lots better. It's not like a 4 MP camera takes up much extra space, so why cripple the camera?

The answer: the iCamera. If Apple is no longer Apple Computer, then you have to consider them branching into any big consumer niche. And they've already got iPod, iPhone and iTunes, all of which have a bunch of mysteriously prominent photo-management tools.

An iCamera is the next logical step. A big screen, on-board photo management tools using the point-and-drag interface that we're seeing on the iPhone, easy syncing to your computer using your existing iPod connector... and you're done. A category-changing step forward in usability is exactly what cameras today are crying out for.

So that's what's next for Apple.