A sight for sore eyes

Obama: now the national frontrunner, with or without superdelegates!

Total delegates as of Feb 12: Obama 1,215 Clinton 1,190

Literally. My eyes have been killing me so much in the last few days -- almost certainly because of eyestrain from looking at screens 18 inches away all day long -- that I can barely work. I have an optician's appointment on Friday, and it can't come soon enough. However, my eyes got some rest tonight by focussing instead on a karaoke screen 6 feet away* so they're feeling a bit better. The karaoke was part of Jason's birthday, which was a really rockin' time full of clever people saying funny things, which is my favourite type of party.

In other news, work was unbelievably terrible today, so much so that I'm not going to spoil the otherwise happy tone of this post with it. I might not even post about it at all.

* this is actually good for them, though not as good as, say, going for a walk in the woods, which are full of things to focus on at all sorts of different distances in different directions.