A softer world

They sold their souls. But it's funny!

Meanwhile, What's wrong with the BBC website? was originally a complaint about the BBC site. But since the site is a wiki, it's now littered with comments from anonymous Beeb employees defending their work. And I do mean "littered": they just seem to stick their comments in sequentially, usually without any kind of differentiation, so the effect is of an extended monologue from a raving schizophrenic:

Although some pages are kind enough to include a straightforward clickable link for RealAudio files, most only offer Stupid Embedded Players [tm], making it impossible to launch an external RealPlayer, or to bookmark. Stop restricting people's choices, you bozos! Most should give you the option of an unembedded player, but for the Radio Player, it's cos the muppets in charge wouldn't stand up to the record companies at all - that's why Radio Player can be pretty sucky at times [this is not strictly true]