A Survey Apart

I took the Web Design Survey

The well-respected A List Apart is carrying out a survey of the web development profession to get some visibility of this fragmented and little-understood field. If your job involves any web work, you should take this survey.

Update: (And if you're in a survey-taking mood, you might want to take this one)

Further update: Thanks for your votes, but the survey from the AFA is actually fraudulent -- it always lists the same bogus results:

If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda, you would: Be more likely to do business with that company. 6,238
Be less likely to do business with that company. 188,722
It would not affect my buying decision. 3,946

The best thing you can do is post about their fraud to your own blog and hope to embarrass them into taking it down. If they're so righteous, why don't they have the courage of their convictions to show the results of a real poll?