Just a little advice
Advice to help you grow
Nothing very special but
I thought that you should know
Never to give up on trying
Even when you feel naiive

The homeless may carry on dying
But that won't mean you no longer grieve

Recently it came to me
I care what happens to you
Can't say it happens often, but
Helping you I want to
Awful though your problems are
Remember they're time-soluble
Don't give in to their same sin

You don't want to be like them

Right and sight are intertwined
At least when you're so gorgeous
You're living in a dreamworld and
Maybe you won't wake up
Other people, other worlds
Never really understanding
Damn I want to have your dream

But not if I can't have my own

People can't see anything
Everything is going fine
They're not looking out for you
Even when you're dying
Remember you can help yourself

When your problems are invisible
Change your mind and change your life
It makes no difference to the world

Carrying it all before you
Always get the joke on time
Reeling from the blows life deals you
Last in every stupid line
Advice I don't have to give you

Seems to me you're doing fine
Remember that I'll be here for you
Always ready with some time