AFA says: Ford is awesome!

Continuing my series of covering the AFA's viciously homophobic "ActionAlert" newsletter, this week they spend yet more time covering the apparently horrific support given by Ford to the gay community. The thing is, I bet there's no gay group paying this much attention to Ford's absolutely unremarkable levels of support -- so it actually makes Ford look great. Here's the items that have their blood boiling from 2007:

  • January - Sponsored "graphic homosexual scene" (i.e. a gay kiss, and implied fellatio) on FX network's "Dirt." The AFA links to the video only after two gateway pages warning you about how SICKENING and DEPRAVED the scene you're about to watch is. By the time I finally got through I was expecting hard-core porn. But no, it's bad dialogue followed by an awkward kiss.
  • March - Diversity Inc. lists Ford as "fifth highest corporate supporter of homosexuality" (i.e. fifth-best for workplace equality).
  • April - "Gives $10,000 donation to support gay marriage" (i.e. remained a gold sponsor of PFLAG)
  • May - Gave $10,000 to become a sponsor of the 2007 Out and Equal Workplace Summit to be held in Washington, DC.
  • June - A "12-week study" (by the AFA) showed Ford as the "top sponsor of homosexual television network shows". It maps pretty well to the list of top sponsors of network television in general.
  • Ford helped sponsor Cleveland Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Trans Pride Parade and Festival. Ford also had a "festival booth and banner to market its support for homosexual celebrations!" (Exclamation point theirs.) Oh noes! A booth! And a banner! Surely public anal fisting is next!
  • Ford sponsored the 2007 Seattle Gay Pride Parade.
  • July - Ford places its fifth full-page ad in homosexual magazines OUT and Advocate for 2007.
  • August - For announces eighth straight monthly sales loss for year. Implicit in this statement, of course, is the AFA's belief that their boycott is responsible for this loss. See my previous debunking of that.