...and when do you leave?

Right, just because people keep asking me, here, for the record, are my plans for Christmas and New Year's Eve:

  • Christmas Eve I'm working until half-day; then I will go to my brother's house in Balham for festivities to begin.
  • Christmas Day will also be in Balham. Yay for 7000 calorie days!
  • I will then be in London until December 30th, and on vacation. Don't fail to invite me places because you think I'm in the tropics.
  • I am in the tropics 30th December to 13th January. I can receive text messages (and calls, if you feel like spending an absolute fortune) on my usual mobile number, but don't expect me to meet you for coffee as I will be on the other side of an ocean.

This is the latest into December I've ever been in the UK so far -- well, pretty much as far as it's possible to go, really. Everyone has always told me that Christmas is better in cold countries; I am going to do a like for like comparison and let you all know. Apparently Christmas is better when you're freezing your ass off, which I can't say I understand. Christmassy = warm fuzzy family feelings, yes?* Well, warm fuzzy feelings are easier to achieve if one is already warm. In fact, all you have to do is not shave for a few days, and you're there. But if there's something I've been missing, I'll let you know.

(Unless you're a crazy religious person, but then it's about the birth of a religious figure actually born on September 29th, so either celebrate it then or admit it's a secular/commercial event and quit bitching)