Another chapter

These lines have borne mute witness
to the story of my life
all the changes in the plot
and all the twisting of the knife

These verses have been present
To emotions high and low
And to incoherent ramblings
When I didn't want to go

These chapters have been chronicles
Of everything I am
Of everything I was
And of everything I plan

These chapters have been leading
to a climax near ahead
The logical conclusion
To the things that I have said

But the plot was never perfect
And the ending never clear
The length would lie in doubt sometimes
The ending would be sheer

But now the words are spoken
And the truth at last is shown
And the ending is not perfect
But at least it now is known

And from here the story changes
It may never seem the same
I go from boy you loved so much
To stranger with his name

You need to know this stranger
Learn what has always been true
You may not know this stranger
But this stranger still loves you

And he cannot be alone now
And he cannot face the dark
And you can't leave him alone now
With a ringing in his heart

He cannot be abandoned
You must know he won't survive
He can't struggle without you
He needs you to stay alive

You have to turn and face him
Learn his strange familiar face
You have to let him know
That his heart still has a space

The stranger bares his soul now
A soul you helped create
A soul made merely bigger
By the parts you didn't make

These chapters are concluded
But the story carries on
And the plot is still not certain
If you still will come along

These chapters reached a climax
But there will be more to come
I hope to read more of you
In the story of your son