Apparently, I'm a genius

Here's a chain of events:

  • A year ago, the BBC paid me and a bunch of other people who download TV content instead of watching television to talk about how and why we do it, and how we would prefer to receive our television.
  • Ten months ago, the BBC launched a pilot program to allow people to watch BBC content by downloading it.
  • Two weeks ago, the pilot episode of the new series of Doctor Who was leaked via BitTorrent. Rumours immediately began to circulate that the leak was intentional.
  • Today, Wired News is reporting:
    To one advertising consultant, the leak is clear evidence the BBC is taking advantage of some recently learned lessons on the power of viral advertising it got from a collection of hired guns known as the Broadcast Assassins.

Who was this mysterious group of Broadcast Assassins? Yep, that was me a year ago.

So apparently, I got a copy of Doctor Who in advance because I told the BBC it would be a good idea to do so. I wish it had actually been my suggestion*, and not a bunch of very inaccurate reporting, but hey, I'm grateful all the same.

* mind you, I did give them a bunch of other great idea