Beauty and the Geek

Season 2 has started! Dear Christ, but I love this shit. It's piling up in the first few minutes of the show...

  • "I can solve a rubik's cube in 12 seconds"
  • "I so know what you're thinking... maybe we have ESPN"
  • "My IQ? It's a C... so that, uh, 3.5?"
  • "I have several role models... I like Wolverine, because he proves that hairy guys can get chicks"
  • "If only we could harness his [brain] power for evil"
  • "I'm ready. Bring on the dweebs."

Laughs per minute are equal to awwws per minute. It's both hilarious yet fundamentally sweet.

Less annoying host this season too.

Update: Torrent of the first episode