Birthday weekend 2004: Mission Accomplished

Woo! Another fabulous birthday weekend achieved, despite a near-total lack of pre-planning on the part of Mr. Abson and myself.

In brief: Friday night clubbing at (inevitably) Popstarz was followed Saturday by a brief shopping excursion (love my new coat) followed by sitting on Clapham Common in the rain, followed by a great deal of fortuitous meeting up in tube stations, followed by extended picnic shopping at Sainsbury's followed by a picnic on the porch in the drizzle at my house, followed by drunken conversation/tickle-fights/music-snobbery indoors for more than 7 hours, followed by clubbing at Ghetto (G: you still have my top!), followed the next day by much sleep, then a wonderful coffee bar in Notting Hill with a charming Argentinian waitress, then upstairs for a ridiculous meal consisting mainly of cocktails, coffee and chips, then a pub.

In other words: I've had a busy weekend.

Many thanks to the hard-core who came, and stayed, and stayed, and stayed. As more and more people come to London these parties will doubtless increase in size :-)

This weekend was, surprisingly, just what I needed. I've been complaining to anyone who will listen about having been feeling unsettled and confused. This weekend has done a lot to ground me, and while it has not removed the main source of my unsettled confusion it has at least crystallised it into a solid issue I can focus on and deal with, though I've yet to figure out how to resolve it, and I suspect the answer may be "with quite a lot of effort".

Ah well. My 24th year (*gasp*, I'm so old!) is already promising to be as eventful as my now-completed 23rd.