Blithe Spirit

This is blogged very late because I've had a very busy week. Ed has been visiting all this week, and he's just gone home, so I have some time to myself today. I should go to the gym really to burn off all the rather nice food I've been consuming recently, but... naah. My current strategy is to stay indoors for as long as possible for the next two months, in order to save money.

On Wednesday Ed, M, A and I saw Blithe Spirit, an old Noel Coward comedy that's been revived, to much critical acclaim. It was quite amusing, although I think a bit dated and extremely Anglocentric.

So the play started, then there was an intermission, then the play started again, then there was a dramatic moment, the lights went down, and people got up and started to leave. Slightly puzzled, we thought "well, that was a bit of a funny ending...", and then noticed that not everybody was leaving. So I asked a very amused usher, who told us there was another act to come, and that this confused people every night, although the lack of final applause and a curtain call should have tipped us off. Mortified with embarrassment, we got ice cream, and then the play started again, and the final ending was much better.

This has been a bit of a blah entry. Whatever, better than nothing. Here, have an amusing photo of me apparently attacking Mary on the tube: Me attacking Mary