Blog Backlog day 3 (ish). Parallel universes really exist, in an article that's fascinating,...

Blog Backlog day 3 (ish).
  1. Parallel universes really exist, in an article that's fascinating, but not fascinating enough for me to read the whole thing. 10 pages long? My info saturation hits long before then.
  2. Random good blogs: the excellently named Defective Yeti (clearly, all the good names were taken) with such articles as 7/5 Americans don't bother to do the math.
  3. Sinfest continues to be the master of understated satire, while Get your war on, while excellent, prefers to hit you violently over the head with the truth. Hey, whatever works.
  4. So, they take a watch, and load it with 128MB of flash memory and a USB port, but you know what? The face is still analog. Why is it somehow viewed as being more classy to utilise an interface that's more than 500 years old over a digital one? I want a classy-looking digital watch, won't someone make one for me?
  5. Spiky Bras invite you to "Wear your silicone on the outside". (via the Goo)
  6. A fairly excellent documentary on the DotCom bubble, including a look at other famous economic bubbles, including the Dutch "tulipmania" of 1634-1638, in which they did exactly the same thing we did with dot-com stocks, but with flower bulbs instead. You can call them idiots if you like, but did your stock options look pretty this spring?
  7. Hilary is totally going to run for president and, you know what, she'll probably win. It's high time the US had a woman president, and we all know how much they love the Clintons. This one hasn't even been convicted of anything! Bonus! Maybe they'll bring all the cutlery back with them.
  8. A cleverly engineered virus kills brain cancer, in a piece of nice, undiluted, science-is-good-sometimes story. Go genetic engineering!
  9. Psst: Nightcrawler is still hot. But the creations of Patrick Fillion give him a serious run for his money sometimes. Although other times, he just creates really grotesque-looking creatures. Are erotica and grotesquerie really so close together in the spectrum?
  10. I'm sorry, but I had to (not really SFW).
  11. According to Paul Graham, hackers are more like painters than engineers. That's real hackers, not 1337 script kiddies who call themselves such. Incidentally, I recently rewatched Hackers (from 1995) and was reminded what a great, great movie it was, even if they are raving about refresh rates, PCI buses and a 28.8 modem.
  12. Objective Christian Ministries is fairly disturbing in a we-deny-evolution sort of way, but then quickly branch out into insanity with their 4 Kidz! page, including such gems as this:
    If you find an atheist in your neighborhood, TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!

    You may be moved to try and witness to these poor lost souls yourself, however
    AVOID TALKING TO THEM! Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at hildren or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God's Word.

    Very advanced witnessing techniques are needed for these grouches. Let the adults handle them.

    but it gets better, with "Creation Science fun facts" from "Professor Giraffenstein, the creation scientist", and his little buddy Pepper, the moth.
    Pepper: Hey professor! Haven't dinos been extinct for millions of years?
    Professor: Wrong, little buddy - Dinosaurs still walk on the land and swim in the seas! And the Earth is only 10,000 years old! Incredible but TRUE!
    You can't make this shit up. Also, they link to their friends at Zounds! Youth rock ministry who've had a string of glorifying musical hits such as Who Let The Praise Out?! (including the Let the Praise out! Radical Glory Mix) and their 2002 album No sympathy for the devil. Do you see what they're doing there? Cringeworthy they may be, but they're not exactly out of touch, as their amusing but surprisingly on-target dictionary of teen lingo shows. You haven't lived until you've read a definition of "hoochie mama" in terms that a priest would understand.