Bloggers are like...

Now, I try not to meta-blog too much -- gives you hairy palms and sends you blind -- but there've been two very good pieces recently that I found via the surprisingly good iWire (it's corporate... but clever, dammit!). First is that bloggers are like DJs: they sample the best bits of older, and mix it in new ways with other things, in a way that's equally creative. I'm not sure what that makes ShinyPixel, since Rik is a DJ who blogs, but we'll mix that metaphor when we get to it.

The other piece is by William Gibson (the novelist) who says that as a professional writer, he finds blogging is like boiling a kettle with the lid off. It sort of suggests that if I could stop blogging for 24 hours, I might achieve something useful. Which is, to be fair, almost certainly true.

But there's no shortage of similies for blogging, so who knows?