Brother, can you spare £50?

So, commenting has been broken on all the MovableType instances on recently. These include (mentioning only sites that have been updated in the last 30 days):

The commenting would be most easily fixed by getting the new version of MovableType. Unfortunately, for more than 1 author, the new version costs money. In fact, it costs quite a lot of money: US$99.95, in fact, or GBP£53. Given that I'm already paying £90 a year to host you all for free and I don't use MovableType myself, I'm not going shell out another fifty quid. But you can!

Yep, that's right. If each of you shells out a one-off payment of £9 using PayPal, I can upgrade MovableType to the shiny new spam-free version and all the new shiny plugins will become available, too.

And of course, if you just like and want to see all those blogs kept going, feel free do donate just for the hell of it! And if you'd like your own blog, a donation would be a great way to ask for one ;-)

I'm sorry to sound all money-grubbing and salesmanlike about this, but I'm entirely broke at the moment, and buying a piece of quite expensive software that I don't use is just not something I can justify at the moment. There are free alternatives, but none of them quite as nice as MovableType and considerably more trouble, which would mean your comments stay broken for longer. So come on, people: don't be a free rider.

Update 2pm: Hurrah, somebody actually donated! Say hello to Ade, everybody. Now click that donate button! :-)

Update 7.20pm: Another donation received, thank you. 4 more to go...