We all know
The way songs go
We recognise
The songs the sing
At least we think
We know the songs
They have an old
familiar ring

We hear the prefab popsters sing
We hear cliches
That writers use
We wonder why
We keep tuned in
When every word
Is such old news?

And we hear them sing:
I love you,
yes it's true
I love you,
I swear it's true
I beg you please,
Down on my knees
Does this sound

A song is not
An easy thing
Creating them
Is really tough
But better yet
To just shut up
Then coughing up
This fluffy stuff

Listen to them:
I'm in a daze,
Trapped in your maze,
So change your ways,
'Cause I love you
Can't take this pain
Driving me insane
These lines are all

Those pretty kids
In shiny suits
They have their place
In magazines
But we crack up
When the yack up
About their thoughts
Of artistry

Listen to their art:
I see your lies
In your eyes
And in the skies
So boring
If you leave,
I might die,
So tell me why
I'm listening?

Don't get me wrong
I like those songs
I use those lines
Most every day
I like those kids
I want those suits
I want the bucks
That they rake in

Hear the cash machine:
Every day
In every way
I have to say
The same thing
Please don't say no
And please don't go
Leave me so low

Those little rhymes
That fit four-time
Are absolutely
We'll hear them 'til
The end of time
Oh damn
I think I used one

This song does not read well. It is a duet (or more), consisting of the "serious artist" [A] who sings the narrative, and the "prefab popsters" [P] singing in exaggeratedly complex production style. The contrast between the two (attractive, hopefully) styles is one of the main points of the song. There's also the possibility of a third voice [3] to introduce the prefabs. In my mind he sounds like a rapper of some kind (don't ask me WHY...), [P] sounds vaguely like N'Sync and [A] sounds like how I wish I sounded.

Original lines (taken over a 24-hour period while listening to the radio):

I love you, yes I do
I'm begging you please, I'm down on my knees
I'm in a daze, in a maze
I love you, I swear it's true
I can't take this pain, it's driving me insane
Every day, I have to say
Don't say no, please don't go
You must believe, please don't leave
I can see you lie, I see it in your eye
If you leave, I might die