You're all alone
In a little shell
Thoughts echoing round
In a private hell
You sit by yourself
Absorbing your pain
Gotta make a connection
Let it all out again

Feel people around you
And the hum of a crowd
The buzzing of thoughts
Never sounded so loud
Out on the floor
Share a glance and a smile
Just a little connection
Makes tonight worthwhile

Don't be afraid
To show yourself
Put your heart on your sleeve
Take it off of the shelf
Your pulse is racing
So thoughts go slow
Just remember the beat
Is all you need to know

Life only hurts
When you live it alone
So get off your butt
And don't stay at home
Any time before morning
The night is still young
There are friends to be made
And songs to be sung

Make a human connection
Make eye contact
Share a second or two
That you otherwise lacked
Feel the press of bodies
And the heat of breath
And the sounds of life
With no thought of death.