Dabs.Com sucks

In case you're wondering, I now recommend OverClockers, who have much less byzantine restrictions concerning shipping, actually respond to customer service e-mails, and have a number you can call with problems. Dabs.com no longer have a customer service number. Shitty e-mail support is all there is.

Dabs customer service wrote:
> Good day,
> Thank you for your e.mail,
>  According to our records, this has been despatched and now delivered to
> you.
>  Regards Glenn
> Internet Sales Executive 
> dabs.com

Hi Glenn -

Yes, my machine arrived today; but that rather misses the point. My complaint centered around the fact that you lost my original reply and then did not follow-up for several days, which led to the delivery being delayed by a week. I was also unhappy with your company's various reponses to my e-mails, which have uniformly consisted of an unhelpful, single sentence -- just like the one you've just sent me.

Specifically, when I wrote my original complaint saying I found your replies "terse and unhelpful", the response I received was a single line e-mail saying my complaint had been forwarded to another department -- which is both terse and unhelpful! Responding to a complaint with more of the same is not the way to please your customers. To quote a friend of mine: "The cluemeter is reading zero!!!"

I shall never, ever be ordering from dabs again and will be dissuading the many friends and relations of mine who often come to me for computer advice to avoid you as well. A single lost e-mail is not a major problem, though aggravating: the problem is the disdain and complete lack of concern you have shown for your customers.

I cannot adequately express how disgusted I have been by this whole process.

Yours sincerely,